Lucy started making films whilst working in Africa as a geologist, then she turned from geology to film directing 4 years ago. She moved back home from Sierra Leone to London to fuse science and film together by completing a masters in Science Media Production at Imperial College London. Even though her training at Imperial was specific to becoming a professional science communicator, she learnt how to approach telling compelling real stories and also the art of turning complex scientific research into creative, exciting and simple digestible film. Both of these became vital foundations for her narrative filmmaking. 

Lucy sought sunnier climes in California where she enrolled for a course in film production at San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking. For the past two years, since graduating, she has been directing commercials and music videos in San Francisco as well as working on feature sets. Not only a filmmaker, she is a wife, a mother and DIY extraordinaire.

Lucy draws a lot of inspiration from music, The Little Prince, geology, her time as a geologist as well as her deep curiosity of our intimate connection to our natural world. Galamsey is the first short film she has written and directed.  







Hannah is just a small town girl, born and raised in South Carolina. Hannah attended college in Charleston, SC before realising her true calling was in Film and Entertainment and transferred to a film school in San Francisco. She lived in San Francisco for 5 yeas before moving to Los Angeles. Hannah has worked on several films, TV series, live-broadcasts and music videos - pretty much everything, other than porn. 

Hannah now works as a producer at Corrino Media Group, a full-service creative media company for both development and physical production of filmed entertainment on a variety of platforms. Hannah prides herself on being an Explorer, Dreamer, Connector of Awesomeness, and a Wine Connoisseur.